Midlife Gamer Podcast
A mature and blatantly honest Podcast that's akin to going round your mates house and talking about the gaming world, but without the dancing girls and all that messy business with biscuits and beverages. Hosts Matt and Daren bring you an adult perspective, personal views and opinions of the gaming world. Regular features include, but not limited to, the weekly round-up of news, new releases, games played and even a quiz to test your knowlegde, all peppered with their unique brand of humour. So whether its PCs, consoles or those little things you put in your pocket.. get some of this in your ears and feel the love. No matter how old you are, it's okay to be a gamer... because thumbs last longer than hips!

World of Warcraft, Vanquish, Dream Chronicles, Mass Effect 2, Costume Quest,

News discussion - Kinect launch titles, Rock Band 3 instruments, exclusive Fallout New Vegas DLC, updates from Blizzcon, EA staff personal blog, Crazy Taxi HD release details and Peter Molyneux.

The retail round-up - DLC, Quiz  and Twitter section.

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Halo: Reach, Medal of Honor, Sonic 4, Bock Band 2, Mass Effect 2, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Angry Birds, Kingmaker, classic titles and WOW?

News discussion - LoveFilm content streaming for PS3 users, Valve announce D.O.T.A 2, Halo: Reach first map pack, Dance Central launch song list, Rock Band 3 launch DLC, Xbox 360 Dashboard update, Guitar Hero 'Rocktober' DLC, Gran Turismo delayed again and Outrun Online Arcade no longer available.

The retail round-up - DLC, Quiz  and Twitter section.

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Comic Jumper, Enslaved, Quantem Theory, Minecraft, Mass Effect 2, Hydrophobia and Plants V's Zombies. News discussion - Nintendo 3DS release date, Xmen: Destiny announced, Gears of War 3 delay details, LOTRO free to play results, Dragon Age 2 import details, Mario All Stars anniversary, DJ Hero 2 bundles, Vanquish pre order bonus, Beyond Good and Evil HD, Prince of Persia HD 3D confirmed, DC Universe Online delayed, Minecraft halloween updates
and WOW Cataclysm release date The retail round-up - DLC, Quiz  and Twitter section

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Brink, Crysis 2, Fallout New Vegas, Gears of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and Dance Central.

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