Midlife Gamer Podcast
A mature and blatantly honest Podcast that's akin to going round your mates house and talking about the gaming world, but without the dancing girls and all that messy business with biscuits and beverages. Hosts Matt and Daren bring you an adult perspective, personal views and opinions of the gaming world. Regular features include, but not limited to, the weekly round-up of news, new releases, games played and even a quiz to test your knowlegde, all peppered with their unique brand of humour. So whether its PCs, consoles or those little things you put in your pocket.. get some of this in your ears and feel the love. No matter how old you are, it's okay to be a gamer... because thumbs last longer than hips!

Forza 4, Dark Souls, Sega Bass Fishing and Hard Lines.

News – Hacking activity hits both 360 & PS3 users,  320Gb hard drive soon 
to be available for the 360, multiplayer coming to Mass Effect 3, 
Street Fighter X Tekken bundles, Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 update in 
development, GTA III coming to mobile devices, Leisure Suit Larry 
receiving a HD remake, Skyrim speed runs,

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